How we work

Modern professional bodies are:
  • Clear about their purpose as well as the value they create
  • Capable of providing leadership to those they represent
  • Strategically and commercially astute
  • Driven by motivated and collaborative teams
  • Able to understand and respond to the needs of their stakeholders
  • Resilient enough to deal with change

We help our clients get clarity in these areas and then turn this thinking into practical, outcome focused plans. Here are a selection of the challenges we can help you address:

Value creation
How is the world improved as a result of what we deliver?
Do we know what a typical student will look like in five years and are we confident we can meet their needs?
Does our products and services portfolio stack up?
Can we provide a compelling member journey that is relevant at each stage of their career?
Are there things that we offer that are no longer relevant? How might we use this resource more effectively?
What does it mean to be a regulator in the C21?
Do we have the credibility to be a genuine thought leader?
Do we have the capacity / risk appetite for international growth?
Is our relationship with Government and policy makers where it needs to be?
Do we have a good enough understanding of sectoral change and are we confident our strategy can flex?
How do we ensure our qualification and training programs continue to meet market demand?
Do we have the right communications / content / publishing frameworks in place?
How can we ensure a diverse and sustainable pipeline of future members?
Does our governance model liberate or impede our operational efficiency?
Do we have a clear understanding of our stakeholder dependencies?
Business Model
Does our approach to risk planning adequately protect us from future shocks?
Are our strategic and commercial partnerships where they need to be?
Are we overly dependent on member subscriptions?
What technology platforms will we need in place to meet future needs?
Do we have the talent and organisational capability to meet the needs of our strategy?

We are also skilled in supporting a more fundamental conversation about how your organisation can remain relevant in the face of change and what it takes to ensure your future sustainability and growth.


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