To provide the leadership that is now required professional bodies need to evolve.

The modern professions were born out of change. Industrial revolutions, the need to codify advances in medicine and law, demand for comparable financial information across markets. These and other drivers brought professionals together throughout the 19C and 20C to agree on systems and standards which would generate public confidence and enable the practical application of advances in science, technology manufacturing and commerce. 

For over 150 years professional bodies have led their members through change, enabling them to prosper while contributing to the public good. Increasingly however, these organisations find themselves in an interregnum between the old and the new. 

Pressure to demonstrate relevance has increased as has public scepticism of experts and institutions capable of driving high standards. Systemic failures have eroded confidence in self-regulation. Memberships who once depended on their Institutes for insight, networking and development now have many other avenues available to them for this support. Annuity income has dwindled, impacted by aging demographics and the challenge of attracting a new generation of talent many of whom do not view a professional career with the same reverence as previous generations.

These and other factors have given rise to fundamental questions about the purpose of professional bodies as well as the value they create. It is no longer enough to talk about social and economic impact – this licence to operate has to be earned. 

To provide the leadership that is needed in the 21C professional bodies need to evolve.

We are a consultancy that provides expert support to organisations on this journey. We bring many decades of Board level experience dealing with these challenges and can help you provide relevant, commercially astute leadership that will help underpin the long-term sustainability of your organisation and its members.  


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